1 minute, 6 seconds

This maximalist work serves as insight into the overwhelming life of an emerging artist. It explores overachievement, stress, validation and shame. It’s about not needing to strictly define my practice. It’s about figuring it out through the process of making. It’s about realizing that there is no personal growth finish line. And it’s about testing the waters of vulnerability while allowing myself to remain opaque.

The soundtrack consists of me reciting the following: a Facebook status in which I list a variety of contradicting emotions, an excerpt from Alan Downs’ The Velvet Rage, a professor’s feedback on an assignment I completed the previous year, my April 15th New Moon affirmation horoscope, and the artist statement I used in a recent festival submission.

Screening History

  • INTM DPXA Screening, Handlebar, Toronto, ON, March 13, 2019 (group screening)
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